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Tourism in the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

Western Sahara in two cities of the French colonies and the other Spanish, because of Morocco's control after the departure of the French tried hard to entrench the divide between the two regions and tried to recruit one in the face of the other known configuration liberation movement demands Basqlal Western Sahara, where the United Nations adopted the decision of the Spanish authorities for the year 1963 and of the right of self determination for the Sahrawi people, but recent years have increased from Morocco after the troubles of the policy of the people to remedy discrimination. 
Guelaymim door of desert tourism 
Full of the territory of Guelmim natural resources, cultural, and historical rich and diverse, mixed with the characteristics of the desert environment, sandy beaches and warm cultural heritage popular, characterized by the richness and diversity of customs and traditions of the region, the qualifications and promising availability of product for which a tourism integrated combines what is the beach, cultural, ecological, A_i_vaúa and exploratory . , Which will become the tourism sector thanks to assume a privileged position, which would make him contribute to the achievement of economic and social development of the region. However, these qualifications suffer from lack of attention and exploitation by developers guides. 
Tourism data: 
Alhamat metal and caves 
* Butchery Abaino 
Abaino butchery located 15 kilometers from the city of Guelmim, and there in the center of the Hamma Abaino group. The analysis Atbtaat Alvezaokmaaúah and medical feasibility of water and hospital characteristics in the treatment of some skin sepsis, as well as some of the Rheumatic injuries. I recently had the building of facilities for bathing, swimming pool and create some reception facilities, the thing that made it possible to improve the quality of services provided by the public utility which has a water temperature of 38 degrees. 
* And palm oases: 
Spread both Osrir Tyagmurt and represent a vital space for the development of rural tourism by organizing tours on board the ship of the desert (camel), which is one of the traditional means by Tgdb tourists. Which will lead to the involvement of local people to exploit the tourist oases, and the lifting of the economic resources of these areas, thus contributing to local development. 
Tourist areas: 
* The Bogerev 
This area is located near White Beach, and includes camp Bogerev and provide fertile ground for enthusiasts and pioneers of adventure tourism and discover the magic of the desert. 
* The Tarkausaa 
Located 32 km west of Guelmim, and extends to the valley of this region is characterized by Asaka and the rule of the mountainous and dominated semi-desert climate, the area and a breeding ground for many birds and Nadhirh Alouhich. This is one of the idiosyncrasies that Toukrha Tarkausaa and mountains for hunting enthusiasts. 
* White Beach: 
Site is a beach of white among the most important tourist sites of the province of Guelmim, it is administratively belonging to the group, White Beach, is a pole tourism important because of availability on the sandy beaches pure and with waves of calm in most cases, the atmosphere wonderful and mild, and aesthetically it is Panel is a natural mixed colors of golden sand with water colors and desert vegetation, giving us an oasis on the shore of the sea in addition to not being punctuated by bays, and is one of the longest beaches, desert, if not African at all. 
The city of Lhasa and Arkziz Bmhadah Mountains and the north limit Guelmim Balzac and the south and east and west mouth of cuddling Bauana happiness. 
Available on the qualifications of the city of Lhasa tourism is reflected in the Kasbah palace this topic area that belong to ancient times and are considered historical and Medinhasa parameter is held annually by the angle of the season Lhasa's commercial and religious as well as a religious ceremony is held every Holiday generator esh-Sharif. 
The province of Lhasa, the distinct legacy on ancient (heritage Hassani) and Eetmizbi_khasaús multi-Ed, we find the traditions of weddings are at the forefront of Cultural Heritage in the region is also characterized by the province handicraft and Anzaf to knead the technical side my father is characterized by dances brownish and drum this topic dances Thoudy privileged position in the Street Lhasa to the Dress Desert father embodies the authenticity of this topic area. 
Available on the qualifications of the Tan Tan region a very important tourist nature are mixed with the warm desert Caaty composed in what including the panorama charming addition to these natural images there are several components witch combines ancient history and folklore, and diverse product Blohath single cultural particularities. Region Tan-Tan is bounded north and south region Guelmim eyes and East Region and Lhasa Zag Smara the south-east region and west of the Atlantic. 
The city of Tan-Tan a link between the north and south, attracted a large migration streams flowing into the region, especially from the northern provinces and regions neighboring Istqdobaa maritime activity of the port of Tan-Tan. Tourism is of qualifications special province, where it effectively contributes to reviving the local economy and expanding these qualifications tourism as follows: the mouth of the Oued Draa and extends its coast at a distance of 1200 meters of Tan-Tan beach of the latter, which is a pilgrimage site for Mustavin from everywhere, especially from the neighboring provinces of the region. The mouth of the valley lattice world-renowned and is located on National Road Association between Tan Tan and eyes and is characterized by a golden sand beach and sand dunes in concert, Badi making it the focus of attention of many investors. Wayne mentioned an oasis located northwest Telmzon and make up a scene unique in the region Barakaa palm forests and water witch. Municipality Wattayah Aotantan beach: experiencing a renaissance thanks to the urban mission of the boom knew the fishing sector is characterized by warmth during the winter and summer, making it a magnet for foreign tourists. It also boasts the region as well as a number of archaeological sites is not without importance Kmgarat Wade Polmgayer alone with Wade Buaakh and Wade Allowaar and Wade Jerifah and the tomb of the giant cemetery backpacker hills of sand and rock carvings discovered Bazakr recent years by accident by one of the women, as it includes a rock drawings represent images of a bull and a of hunters or snipers in the case of dance does not add to the cart pulled by horses but they are available in a remote location is characterized by its harsh Buaorh also need this place that contains these rock carvings to protect him. Such areas provide a new tourism products such as fishing, hunting and travel by camel and motorcycle tours. 
The city of Smara between longitude and latitude 26 degrees and 11 degrees, Vtalo city from the sea to: 110 meters, and put away about 220 km, is bounded on the north the city of Tan Tan and Assa Zag, and south of the city of Boujdour territories and the international border with Mauritania, and to the west city of Laayoune, and the Middle Algerian and Mauritanian borders. 
The total area of ​​about 61.760 km 2, and crossed by two roads are essential: first, eyes linked him to the west, and the second Btantan, and through it Aamadn North, passing through the capital city of Guelaymim Valley N.. 
From the demographic standpoint, only the statistics, in 2004, the number of people in Smara exceed 60,415 N, the indigenous population: 40,340 N, and the nomadic population: 20,075 N, and T is still the city known especially rapid population growth due to migration to Of Morocco. 
And affiliated with the city of destination of natural and geological to the area of ​​Hamra y de Oro, Vtdharys this region and formations rock existing at the present time are the result of the movements and changes known to the earth's crust over geologic time the third, just before the ages fourth modern, aside from minor changes dictated by factors sculpture normal. 
The city consists of a solid rocky hills in the east, and the fragile sand hills in the west flat and wide, runs through these hills and valley of Hamra y de Oro-mile from the Pacific Heights horn until 540 km. 
Nature of the area is characterized by very severely, continental climate of the region, hot summers and cold winters, and notes that the temperature range up to 50 degrees in summer and in winter to 15 degrees. The precipitation does not exceed 50 mm during the year. 
And valleys that cut the dry side, which is currently experiencing a deep gullies on the water-rich and heavy in the past, and this is reflected in the vegetation and agricultural activity. 
Overlooking the city of magnificent eyes on the Atlantic Ocean, is the largest city in Western Sahara is located in the central region of the desert areas. 
And enjoy the tourist city of Laayoune qualifications are important, and annually visited by many foreign tourists to discover the most important aspects of the culture in which the desert, the city is characterized by extending coastal landmarks and tourist Privacy desert impress the tourists and their admiration. 
There is an oasis "catch" distinguished by very charming, and located 15 km south east of the city on the southern bank of Wadi El Hamra, which is a source of water surrounded by palm trees. 
If you dream of seeing a bird "Pink Flamingo" is rare, you should go to visit the protected "Alneilh" which is one of the most important tourist areas of accounting for interest to researchers and environmental organizations, and is characterized Btyoraa rare and shells of marine used for the manufacture of jewelry, pearl is also the station for migratory birds. 
And 20 kilometers from the city's eyes, we find the "mouth of the valley," which features Bmrkpadtha tourism and golden sand dunes and beautiful Cornischha. 
To discover the rich heritage of the desert and excellence, visitors to the city can go to the "Art Museum of the Desert", and "handicraft complex" is displayed several types of traditional products desert. 
Located within the Western Sahara region coastal town overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Located near the Mauritanian border. And is visited each year a significant number of tourists, especially from the Arubans Windsurfing enthusiasts known as the city of Dakhla, or to enjoy the warm Btksha moderate. 
And is the city where the peninsula is surrounded by the sea from the south and east and west, north, except my father in the world linked by road. 
Within the city based its economy on tourism, especially tourism sport of riding waves and various beach sports, and on the manufacturing sector and fish.

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